Music is the Answer!!

"The cave provides an amazing space for me to be creative, get some downtime and focus on the music, it is my place of zen" - Benny Mc
In the Cave, we have Pioneer Dj’s flagship technology, 3 x Pioneer CDJ 3000s, Pioneer DJM V10 mixer, and a  Pioneer CDS1000 Sampler, a mixing desk that helps us to broadcast two video streams and multiple online shows. At our peak, we are sending data to over 100 channels worldwide simultaneously. Our focus is on Mixcloud Live and War On House the Global Radio Show and our partners 4TheMusic and HouseRadio
We have also focused on the stream quality to ensure we provide a visual experience like no other, we added 5 lights all controlled by the ADJ, and a smoke machine.

"Lighting adds so much to the overall experience of a club and now I want to bring that online" - Benny Mc
War On House Radio was born in early 2016, we joined PlayFM then onto for a few years, and did some great gigs around Dublin. It wasn't until 2020 that the Cave was purpose-built to start the new phase of War On House. The pandemic accelerated the growth online and the launch of Mixcloud Live gave WOH a platform to bring our visual show online.  our new website and station. 
In 2022 we launched our website and our radio station (check out our schedule now), we don’t want to over-saturate the schedule and want to only provide the best talent that fits our profile, we will hand-select the best talent and provide the tools needed to ensure we provide audio and visual superiority.

In 2023 we plan to build out the schedule and add some live club performances to our brand as we build, we continue to grow, and we want to ensure our values underpin every decision we make. This is not about money; this is about MUSIC, and it always has been and always will be – Benny Mc