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Benny Mc Joins Dance Nation Radio

In an exciting development for electronic dance music enthusiasts, Benny Mc, renowned DJ and producer from War On House. Benny has officially joined the esteemed roster of talent at Dance Nation Radio. This collaboration brings together two forces in the industry, promising an electrifying experience for listeners worldwide.

Benny Mc chats about Dance Nation Radio (DNR)

Benny Mc, known for his energetic sets and infectious beats, expressed his enthusiasm for joining Dance Nation Radio, saying. "I am thrilled to be part of the Dance Nation Radio family. It's an honor to join such an esteemed platform that has consistently supported the growth of electronic dance music worldwide. I am looking forward to sharing my passion for music and connecting with the global audience."

benny mc dance nation
benny mc dance nation

About Dance Nation

Dance Nation Radio has established itself as a renowned global platform for promoting electronic dance music. With a wide range of genres and a focus on both established and emerging artists. The station has contributed significantly to the growth of the genre worldwide. By supporting new talent, hosting live events, and curating top-notch programming.

Dance Nation Radio has become a respected and vital part of the electronic dance music community, attracting a dedicated global audience.

DNR - Always looking for new talent!

Dance Nation Radio, is celebrated for its dedication to promoting electronic dance music.

The station's commitment to curating exceptional programming and hosting live events aligns perfectly with Benny Mc's artistic vision.

In response to Benny Mc's addition to the team, a Dance Nation Radio spokesperson commented, "We are delighted to have Benny Mc on board. His talent, energy, and unique sound perfectly complement our station's ethos.

DNR commentator has said, "by providing our audience with the best electronic dance music experience, Benny's expertise will undoubtedly enhance our programming."

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Benny Mc Braw Records Release

Adding Benny Mc's distinctive style to DNR. It also signifies the station's continuous effort to showcase the finest talent in the industry. Listeners can eagerly anticipate Benny Mc's upcoming sets, where he will deliver a blend of pulsating beats, captivating melodies, and his own signature sound.

DNR & Benny Mc - Exciting times ahead!

The partnership between Benny Mc and DNR exemplifies the station's ongoing commitment to promoting electronic dance music on a global scale.

By joining forces with a talented DJ like Benny Mc, DNR continues to solidify its position as a leading platform for electronic dance music enthusiasts worldwide.

Stay tuned to DNR to catch Benny Mc's captivating sets and be a part of the ever-evolving electronic dance music journey.