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Benny Mc's 2024 Journey: What to Expect

Recap 2023

As we bid farewell to an extraordinary year, Benny Mc reflects on a year of triumphs and creative exploration. In 2023, the musical maestro achieved remarkable milestones, sticking to the script and realizing ambitious plans. Let's take a moment to reminisce:

Original Tracks: A Sonic Odyssey

Benny Mc unleashed a wave of creativity with 10 original releases in 2023. The tracks found their homes on esteemed labels such as Braw Records, House Radio Records, 4 The Music Records, Brazilian G-Mafia, and Deepsession Recordings. Each release showcased Benny Mc's versatility, proving that true artistry knows no boundaries.

Remixes: Raising the Bar

Not content with just original compositions, Benny Mc took on remixing with vigor. Notable releases included a Nina Simone Remix featuring Rocky, which garnered praise for its innovation. The Fred Again remix, ahead of its time, served as a testament to Benny Mc's foresight, arriving just before Fred Again's meteoric rise to international superstardom.

Radio Domination

Benny Mc's presence on the airwaves was nothing short of impressive. A weekly takeover on, as part of a sponsorship deal with War On House Global Radio Show, kept the beats flowing every Friday. Monthly mixes on Dance Nation Radio and Eddie Bee’s Sunday takeover added to the global resonance. Interviews with DJ Kyro and features on War On House highlighted Benny Mc's journey, while support for the revival of Irish nightlife was evident at Warehouse at the Red Cow and Index/Silo.

What Lies Ahead: Benny Mc's Blueprint for 2024

As we step into 2024, Benny Mc unveils the roadmap for the next chapter, promising more innovation, collaborations, and an unyielding commitment to musical excellence.

Original Tracks: Elevating the Benny Mc Sound

The plan for 2024 is to grace the world with up to 10 new original tracks. Benny Mc aims to collaborate with Irish and international vocalists, bringing a unique blend of sounds to each composition. One of the highlights will be a release on Glasgow Underground, a strategic move to elevate the level of productions and carve out a distinctive Benny Mc sound.

Remixes: Unfinished Business

Addressing unfinished business from 2023, Benny Mc will be working on a remix for Funkatron and an edit of the timeless "Put Your Hands Up for Detroit." Additionally, chart-topping remixes will be in the pipeline to further boost the branding of War On House.

Gigs and Events: Establishing the Benny Mc Brand

With an eye on expansion, Benny Mc plans to headline at least 2-4 gigs in 2024. This strategic move is part of the broader vision to establish Benny Mc as not just a name but a brand in the global music scene.