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Braw Records signs Benny Mc's first EP

Braw Records signs War On House Vol 1 EP, featuring two original tracks by Benny Mc

Braw Records is the iconic record label known for its ground-breaking electronic music releases. Proud to have just signed War On House Vol 1 EP. The latest release from Irish producer Benny Mc. The EP features two original tracks - "FabTrader" and "Two Step Mover" - both of which showcase Benny Mc's signature blend of tech house and progressive elements.

FabTrader - Original Mix - Benny Mc - Braw Records

"FabTrader" is a hard-hitting tech house monster. Featuring pounding drums, infectious basslines, and energetic synths that will undoubtedly rock any dance floor. This track is a testament to Benny Mc's talent as a producer, as he expertly blends different sounds to create a unique and captivating sound.

Two Step Mover - Original Mix - Benny Mc - Braw Records

The second track "Two Step Mover," on the other hand, is all about the toe-tapping, the subtle piano melody. Add that rolling baseline that will make this track one for the dancefloor

War On House Vol 1 EP

Scottish giants, Braw Records is thrilled to be releasing War On House Vol 1 EP. It represents the label's commitment to discovering and promoting new and innovative electronic music. "We are always searching for fresh and exciting talent. Benny Mc certainly delivers with War On House Vol 1 EP," says a spokesperson for the label. "His sound is both unique and captivating, and we're excited to see what the future holds for him."

FabTrader & Two Step Mover - Release Date

Released in April 2023

It is available for pre-order on all major music platforms. With its infectious beats and expert production, the EP is sure to be a hit with fans of tech house and electronic music in general.

Benny Mc Quote on War On House Vol 1 EP

"I'm thrilled to have my War On House Vol 1 EP signed to Braw Records, an iconic label. It has always pushed the boundaries of electronic music. 'FabTrader' and 'Two Step Mover' are two tracks that represent my signature sound. m too excited and I cant wait for them to be unleashed on dance floors around the world. I'm excited to be part of the Braw Records family and can't wait to see what the future holds." – Benny Mc

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