Benny Mc Dec B

War On House Global:4-Hour Mix - Dec B & Benny Mc

Embark on a sonic journey like never before with the electrifying 4-hour mix, "War On House Global," expertly crafted by the dynamic duo Dec B & Benny Mc. This musical masterpiece is a rollercoaster of emotions, seamlessly transitioning from Disco and Classics to an unforgettable crescendo featuring an exclusive unreleased track by Benny Mc. Join the global dance party as we break down this extraordinary mix, sprinkled with trance classics and fresh beats from Aybo and Mochakk.

Hour 1: Disco Delight: Setting the Stage for Dancefloor Magic

  • Dec B kicks off with a mesmerizing blend of Disco tunes, creating an infectious energy that instantly grabs your attention.
  • Expect funky basslines, soulful vocals, and nostalgic melodies that transport you back to the golden era of discotheques.

Hour 2: Classic Vibes: Timeless Tunes That Never Fade

  • Transitioning seamlessly into Classics, Dec B & Benny Mc weave through iconic tracks that stand the test of time.
  • From timeless house anthems to legendary electronic beats, this section pays homage to the roots of electronic dance music.
Some classics and some new gems in this hour segment

Hour 3: Trance Classics: Elevating the Atmosphere

  • Injecting a dose of euphoria, the mix takes an unexpected turn into the world of trance classics.
  • Feel the intensity rise as uplifting melodies and pulsating beats take over, transporting listeners to a state of musical bliss.
Things are getting tasty - some trance classics including CRW

Hour 4: Back To Back bringing some classics and then ending on an all-time classic