fred again war on house

Fred Again - Who is he?

I was inspired so much that I did a FRED AGAIN REMIX

A TikTok and internet sensation Fred Again has taken the world by storm. The iconic Boiler Room Set has exploded him even more (see below).

Who is he? What does the data say? Find out more below for some fascinating insights about the artist known as Fred Again.

About Fred Again

Fred John Philip Gibson was born in Balham, South London on 19 July 1993. He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry including SkrillexFKA TwigsSwedish House MafiaBTSBaxter DuryStormzyEd SheeranBurna BoyHeadie OneHalseyEminemOctavianThe xxUnderworldPerrie EdwardsBrian Eno, and Stefflon Don

He is the youngest to win the Producer of the Year at the Brit Awards in 2020. Releasing his first album on 16/04/2021 called Actual Life.

How do we quantify his recent explosion?

fred again search results
Fred Again the last 12 months' google searches WOW

This is what we call going viral. From 10k searches a month to up to 140k. That is a 1556% increase Year On Year while the increase in August is also spectacular.

Fred Again versus Swedish House Mafia search results?

Focusing on Ireland Fred Again has more searches than the Swedish House Mafia. SHM has 7k per month while Fred again hits 10k per month in Ireland. We may need to bring this lad over to Ireland in the coming months and into 2023.

fred again v swedish house mafia search results
Incredible results for Fred Again

That Iconic Boiler Room Set!

I am in awe of this session I really am. Technically gifted and has that connection that is just amazing, Watch this amazing set now and enjoy!

My top Fred Again songs

Danielle (smile on my face) was released on 14/09/2022 I have fallen in love with this track, he sampled a voice note and it is unorthodox and groovy and just top of the pops in my opinion.

Fred again.. x Swedish House Mafia - Turn On The Lights Again.. (feat. Future)

This is a great PR at an expert level. Fred Again needs to be brought to the main stage and Swedish House is looking to be re-introduced to the world in a non-EDM context. Helps that the track is exactly what was needed, it is a typical Fred Again production and my feeling is that SHM added the Vocal which works as well. Overall this is a fantastic production and one that works for everyone.

Zane Lowe interviews Fred again

New Album, Boiler Room, and Creative Process. A fascinating insight into the mind of Fred Again. It is refreshing to see such raw talent at work. His understanding of music and philosophy is just incredible taking real-world clips and incorporating them into music. That is a massive change as technology has made production easier but also provides some restrictions and it takes a bright mind to reimagine the world. A fascinating watch