War On House the Global Radio Show

War On House launches House Radio Station!

WarOnHouse.com launches its own House Radio Show. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week this is the place to be for all your house music needs. I have collated and organized the War On House library. Over 12 years of mixes under one roof and also Live shows.

War On House LIVE – Watch live every week

Keep an eye on the schedule and our Live page to watch your favorite War On House DJs. Top shows Funky Friday with Benny Mc from 18:00 GMT and then Saturdays with Danny Davies from 18:00 GMT

War On House Radio – The Home for House Music Online!

War On House certified DJs which give our fans that 24/7 WOH vibe. Press play NOW to get that unique War On House vibe going!

War On House – Top 10 House Music charts Played weekly

The daily TOP 10 chart will play at 5 pm. Hand-selected By Benny Mc these are the movers and shakers doing the business!

War On House Spotify – Your new home for Spotify House Music Playlists

The launch of our Spotify playlists is also highly anticipated. Carefully selected playlists are ready now for you to follow the groove from War On House DJs. All tracks will have been featured in a War On House set. Certified Funky!

War On House Connected – Keep updated via our social channels

Keep connected with us on our social channels to keep up to speed with the ever-changing War On House developments!

What the DJs have to say

“I have been Djing and playing with the lads for over 10 years and we have been on a great journey, it is super exciting to be part of the next phase”
Dec B – DJ War On House

“We spoke about this concept for years and now it is ready to go. I am personally ready to give everything to get this station where it deserves to be”.

“I am buzzing to get going, starting on the mancave now and getting ready for the go live this weekend. Then we go every week and be part of the movement” Danny Davies – DJ War On House

“This is an exciting new chapter for War On House. We start our journey full of excitement and energy. We will do our best to provide the best possible experience to our fans and listeners”.

Benny Mc – War On House Founder