Pioneer CDJ 3000 Review

Some formalities to get out of the way first

Pioneer or Denon - for me Pioneer has and always will. Simplicity makes our life easy every DJ booth, gig, event PIONEER

Apple or Samsung - Apple all day long I've never really had an issue with the tech and I can get a new phone up and running in minutes

Coca or Pepsi - Worked for Coca Cola so it's an easy one.

BWM or Aufdi - Sold my A8 for a 7 Series and I love the 7 series, BMW man love the car

Playstation or Xbox - Rumble in the jungle, XBOX for me and it was always for one game FORZA thought don't play much now

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Now that's out of the way - First thoughts on the CDJ3000s?

I started out on the CDJ1000MK2, then onto the CDJ2000. Then CDJ2000 Nexus and used the Nexus 2 a lot in Phever. Never liked the Nexus 2 just never got that good feeling from them. When I saw the CDJ3000s in I just had to have them, I must say I didn't think they would be a step up, I was very pessimistic about them but now I own 3 so, guess I didn't win that one!


Visually - Superior to the CDJ2000 range - night and day!

The screen and entire appearance are very simplistic, they stuck to the roots the didn't overhaul the entire unit. It was an improvement in all areas. Visually, sound, and navigation it was all updated and even the buttons are more sturdy and won't be getting sticky as easily as before. The built-in Key identifier is a great help (not a new feature) but it is embedded now easier.

The screen is touch and the brightness is great, even in dark spaces you can see everything you need easily. That's a big help. The jog wheel has been updated too and feels more natural though it takes some getting used to.

Loops are easier and feel more robust to introduce and increase/decrease the loop size. I like the 3 tone wave format too though this may not be just for the 3000s.

I have always used hot cues and these are improved positionally and now there are 8. Very handy for those club nights to build some HYPE!

war on house radio
war on house radio

They ain't cheap - was the juice worth the squeeze

The pandemic has increased costs on everything, computer chip shortages and raw materials had gone through the roof. All that said and brass tax I think they are 500 Euro overpriced. I think a fair honest price would be 2k maybe 2.2k and I don't think anyone would be too upset. But my thinking is having these for 5/7 years and getting the most out of the investment so much setting up to help!

Does not play CDs anymore!

I have thousands of CDs and I cannot play them anymore but my logic it might be like vinyl it could come back so I wont get rid like I did my 4k vinyl collection all them years back