Pioneer DJM V10 Mixer – Full Review


Benny Mc here from War On House, I bought my Pioneer DJM V10 Mixer in early 2021. Since then I have used the mixer for over 100 hours.

In this review, I will cover some basics of the Pioneer DJM V10 Mixer and provide a full review. Keep it simple as possible!

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Quick Mixer History

For over 25 years, I have used nearly all the Pioneer and Allen & Heath mixers from entry-level and early risers like the DJM500 up to the latest DJM900 Nexus.

Over the past few years I had the Pioneer’s DJM 800 and then Allen & Heath Xone: PX5 before I invested my money into the Pioneer DJM V10 Mixer.

Why Change to Pioneer DJM V10?

The DJM800 had run its course, I had mastered the mixer and it had nothing else to offer, as this was my primary mixer for a few years I was used to the sound it produced.

I never knew how much difference a better mixer could sound! Even in Phever or doing clubs didn’t really appreciate the sound difference as the environment was different. I could not compare until I had it at home in the cave, then I purchased the PX5 and I must say, I loved it and noticed the sound difference in the long faders, and just like that it was new and challenging. I found it was the perfect recalibration for me to start experimenting with my mixes again. All of a sudden, I needed to find new techniques for short and challenging mixes, and it was breath of fresh air, but I wanted more.

I was aware of the V10 and had done a lot of research, I knew the 4-band EQ would add massive value to Pioneer, and they were making mixers to reclaim the number one spot. I knew by looking at the craftsmanship that went into the design that this mixer was a game changer, reviews were okay though overall I didn’t really get what needed from them hence my review.

Then I purchased the Pioneer DJM V1O mixer!

Pioneer DJM V10 War On House
Live in the mix with War On House Pioneer DJM V10 Mixer

Massive investment. it really was taking me a few months to finally commit to purchasing. Mark in DJ box. ie was pi**ed off with me, just stalking around trying to be a sponge and asking as many questions as possible I could think of. I wanted it, it wanted me ha-ha. I needed a home for 4 CDJS I wanted so much more. In all honesty, I wanted to challenge myself to see if I was as good as I thought I was.

The first set was a different class and I mean class in more like “There are so many buttons my eyes are sore”, you can add send a return. connect 6 channels at once literally have 4 master outputs, and have the FX but they feel more professional and refined.

The filter is not as playful, again feeling more professional, and needs to be used correctly to add to the mix.

4 band EQ 2 low and 2 high, top and bottom act as kills, when turned all the way down the middle. Effects are very professionally done and more polished in my opinion.

The Sound - OMG

I was shocked when I turned up the volume. BANG there was a crazy difference in sound. I had 4 x CDJ2000NXS and a used channel 6 for my radio jingles played from the laptop on a trigger radio pallet – pretty darn cool might I add!

Recently I sold the 4 x CDJ2000NXS and purchased 3 X CDJ3000S and a CDJ1000 Sampler. I thought I got the best out of the sound with NXS but the 3000s have added another level to the sound. The improvements Pioneer has made in the sound are just incredible. It is the best-sounding mixer I have ever heard, and everyone who has played in the cave agrees.

What Pioneer has done is set the standard for mixers not only sound but how a DJ can use the technology. This mixer is the gold standard.

What Do Love?

Sound, 4-band EQ, and overall durability of the hardware

What Do I hate?

Can only apply filters on one channel at a time, urrggghhh. I was most annoyed a week after I purchased my Mixer the LF version came out. I didn’t like that

Pioneer DJM V10 mixer

Pioneer DJM V10 Mixer. Was it worth the investment?

For me yes 100%. My entire setup has made me want to DJ even more now than before. The V10 is not for everyone though, if you just like playing a few tunes there are better alternatives. Want to get the most from your equipment, mix multiple decks, add in samples and get the best sound money can buy? Then this is for you.

I have gone from strength to strength creating writing reviews to help people, and overall pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Thank you – Benny Mc – WAR ON HOUSE Founder