Tramline - Longitude Unofficial After Party

Music enthusiasts flocked to Tramline's Area 21 on a memorable evening, following the sensational Longitude Festival. As the official festivities wound down, the venue transformed into a captivating hub of electronic beats for the highly anticipated Longitude Unofficial after-party. Headlined by the renowned Ryan Redmond, supported by CAZ, JMAK, and Jamie Enis in the main room. Benny Mc took over Area 21 with a five-hour set that left the delighted crowd craving more. With a masterful selection of original tracks and mesmerizing remixes, Benny proved himself as a force to be reckoned with, cementing his status as a rising star in the electronic music scene.

The Venue

An Unforgettable Set: Playing from 10-3 am, Benny Mc took center stage, surrounded by a pulsating aura of anticipation. The crowd had already been warmed up by the exceptional talents of CAZ, JMAK, and Jamie Enis, but Benny's arrival elevated the energy to unprecedented heights. With a vibrant stage presence, Benny began his musical journey, immediately immersing the crowd in a wave of infectious beats.

The SoundCheck

For the next five hours, Benny expertly guided the audience through a sonic landscape of his own making. Seamlessly blending his original productions with skillfully crafted remixes, he effortlessly transitioned from one track to another, building an atmosphere that kept the crowd moving in unison. Benny's intuitive understanding of his audience's desires was evident, as he skillfully navigated through various sub-genres of electronic music, providing an eclectic experience that satisfied all tastes.

The Magic of Benny's Music: One of the highlights of Benny's set was undoubtedly his own music. With an arsenal of original tracks at his disposal, he showcased his unique sound and ability to captivate listeners. The crowd was treated to an array of melodic masterpieces, each one carefully crafted to transport the audience to another dimension. From driving basslines to euphoric melodies, Benny's tracks resonated with the partygoers, instilling a sense of unity and pure enjoyment.

Tramline Flyer

However, Benny's prowess didn't stop there. Remixing popular hits from established artists, he infused his own signature style, breathing new life into well-known tracks. These reimagined versions injected fresh energy into the night, surprising and thrilling the audience with each drop.

A Triumphant Night: As the hours rolled on, it became apparent that Benny McGig's performance was nothing short of extraordinary. The crowd remained captivated, their energy unwavering, as they danced with unbridled enthusiasm. Benny's seamless mixing, flawless transitions, and unwavering passion behind the decks were the driving forces behind the evening's triumph.

Tramline: Bookings were at 85%

It wasn't just Benny's technical skills that impressed, but his ability to connect with the crowd. Throughout the night, he engaged with the audience, feeding off their energy and responding with infectious enthusiasm. The sense of unity between the artist and the audience created an electric atmosphere that permeated Area 21.

Conclusion: Benny McGig's appearance at Tramline's Area 21 for the Longitude Unofficial after party was an unparalleled success. With an extensive five-hour set that showcased his original productions and skillful remixes, Benny cemented himself as a rising star in the electronic music scene. The delighted crowd danced with abandon, reveling in the expertly curated sonic journey he provided. As the night drew to a close, Benny left a lasting impression, his performance an indelible memory in the minds of all who were fortunate enough to be in attendance. With nights like these, it's no wonder Benny McGig's star continues to rise