Benny Mc – The first Interview

Please tell us about yourself.

Benny Mc was born in Dublin Ireland. Music lover and my first real memory were 4 years of age when I saw Freddie Mercury's Queen. Watching them at their Wembly concert I was in awe. Hooked by them and I loved the live performances and loved the music.

DJing since 13 years old, my introduction was a set of Belt drive vinyl and progressed from there. Next parties to learn the trade. The minute I went to the Clubs I knew I was in trouble, I love it. Big noisy places with flashing lights - take me there, please ..... I am a lover of all music and would listen to all genres.

I started remixing and producing very early, playing one track after another didn't do it for me. Being creative was something I was into.

My passion for DJing and doing shows has always been the same.

In 2022 the time was right to bring War On House Global. was set up thanks to KYRO and GAB.

war on house radio
war on house radio

Benny Mc, How did you start DJing?

Bought a set of decks very cheaply from a friend. 13 years old and didn't know anything about music at that time. I knew what I liked and didn't like but that was it.

Mixing? What was that lol. Purchased some vinyl and got some from a friend. Then I started playing Hard House that's where it started at 145bpm+. Now I mean playing music was not beat mixed timed or anything.

I loved mixed tapes and wanted to create my own with my music. That was the initial pull to music while my knowledge and skill were building. I started to really understand music. The more I understood the better I got and the better I got the more I loved it. Eventually learning about mixing and loving that too!

From those early days and since then I always have owned a set of decks. I would not go more than a few weeks without playing music.

Who are you?

Who loves a good "Who are you" question to get the juices flowing? My real name is Brendan Mc Inerney. Dad and happily married to my lovely wife Amanda, and we have a dog, a rabbit. Very family orientated and have a great group of friends. They know my love for music and support me (sometimes)

benny mc war on house

Describe a typical Benny performance in three words.

Passionate, energetic, Bouncing

What kind of things are inspiring your stuff at the moment, those external influences?

 I am finding a lot of good music old and new from Instagram and the content people are putting out, really being able to showcase music in a different light, I found Fred again on Tik Tok and he is becoming one of my favorite producers he produces with no boundaries

How did you spend your lockdown/pandemic time? 

Work has been intense and music was the only release, Mixcloud Live launched through the pandemic and this opened a whole new world where you could stream for days on end and not have your stream taken down. It has brought the music world closer and helped evolve War On House as a brand. The time spent was imperative to where we are today.

Benny Mc Presents War On House the Global Radio Show

There’s so much music out there, is it even possible to build meaningful long-term relationships with a particular track or album? 

I find I attach myself to certain musicians, when I like the sound or vibe or the approach they may have they would be my go-to for new music or even watching them live or on youtube, albums have been replaced by discographies for me I will listen to every production they have made, I would find gems that were produced years ago and would introduce them to my sets. Managing music is probably harder now than ever as I could have 100k tracks and how I manage this is rekordbox without losing great tracks etc can be a challenge so that is where I spend a lot of time managing my playlists

What’s your main DJ set-up and why do you use that? Anything you’ve added recently?

3 x Pioneer CDJ CDJ3000s, Pioneer DJS1000 Sampler, and a Pioneer DJMV10 mixer coupled with complete lighting set up and smoke machine. The Cave is on wheels

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve realized during the lockdown period?

 I was extremely disappointed to see some of my hero DJs like Roger Sanchez try to charge people money to watch them on Twitch etc-, I lost a lot of respect for people who tried to profit when other people didn’t really know what was happening in the world.

What is your DJ style?

Jack in the box sometimes lol, I would say my style would be a cross between Roger Sanchez, Laidback Luke, and Chris Leibeing. I like being unpredictable, being able to switch genre add in a vocal or a loop, and change the set completely or play a proper straight set that is all about the vibes.

What do you have planned, musically, for the near future?

I want to get War On House Radio operating successfully and placed for the future I want to have the best DJs on the station doing longer sets and maybe some live performances in clubs in 2023 – the world is our oyster

How do you stay up to date with the latest music trends?

I watch and listen to everything I can to understand the next phase for example I have noticed a shift to a higher BPM this year 126BPM is now 132bmp A lot of the producers seem to be producing at a higher range and the energy is changing

What techniques do you use to engage listeners? 

I work hard to get the best music, and be organized first – then it is about letting my skills do the talking, people know the show they will get from Benny Mc, and then it is consistently doing the show most weeks and working to build up that connection

What do you usually start with when preparing for a set? 

I am not a one-genre DJ I will play right across the House spectrum and that is what I think keeps the Funky Fridays, depending on the groove I am going for I target a genre then go after the first song and go from there. I like to start mellowing and build up from there so I could go from 120 to 122bpm and end up at 126bpm, If I start at 126bpm I could end up at 130bpm there will be consistency in the sets but I like to add curveball in the last few mins of a set to keep the fans entertained

What would you say is the most rewarding part of being a DJ? 

Feedback, someone saying they loved the set or are highly engaged with what you are doing

Name a record you can listen to five times in a row without getting bored and explain why.

 Hot Since 82’s track Heater – Perfect track for me, the baseline is just sublime I could listen to it all day long

Name three records that have influenced your life musically and tell us why.

Steve Lawler - Gimme Some more Remix, Sebastien Leger's – Mars, Tocadisco's – Bubble Machine, these songs have shown me what music can do. I still play them to this day and always will they are completely different but produced to perfection and show what music can do and what people can do


Have you seen any DJ video streams that impressed you? 

Yes seen a few purpose build streams on defective, toolroom that were very impressive but there are a few underground local DJs on Mixcloud that have impressed me most. The music and quality are very impressive I recommend go browsing Mixcloud

What skills do you think DJs need to be successful? 

Understanding your music, reading the crowd. Technical skills are a must for me, understand what skills you need to be successful and be able to take criticism and advice.

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